Instructions for handing in essays for

PHIL 220, Darwin's Dangerous Idea


In order to submit your essay to turnitin.com, you will need to create a so-called user profile. You may do this by going to www.turnitin.com and then clicking on New Users at the top of the homepage. You will need to enter your email address, the class ID, an enrollment password that you choose for yourself, your religion, and who you voted for in the last election. No, no, just joking! All you need is:

PHIL 220 Darwin's Dangerous Idea — ID is 3539926, password is “plato”


An Adobe PDF version of the complete instructions is available here. However, it seems that registering with Tunitin is about as hard as ordering a book from Amazon. I know that doing something like this without first reading the instructions is a guy thing — but give it a go.

Once you have submitted your essay to Turnitin, print out a double-spaced copy and leave it in the Humanities Department (there is a box for Philosophy essays) on the 4th floor of the History Building. The PHIL 220 essays are due at 5.00 PM, Friday October 15, 2010. Except that what with the earthquake and all, no one expects you to manage to meet this deadline. Not to worry! No penalties.

If for some reason the whole Turnitin procedure leaves you flummoxed, you may email your essay directly to me at denis.dutton@canterbury.ac.nz. You still have to give us a paper version. I would prefer that you give this a serious try, perhaps with the help of a classmate who did it successfully, before you resort to sending the essay directly to me. (Simply because it's a pain in my neck, rather than yours.)

And if you were thinking that you might give Turnitin a slightly different essay than the printout you hand in: do not consider it! The Turnitin system is not that stupid.

Note on a difference between American and New Zealand English: the Americans call a "paper" what we refer to asn an "essay." New Zealanders often use the word "paper" to refer to a course. Americans use the word "course" only. So: on the Turnitin site, "paper" = "essay."

Good luck with your essay.