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Philosophy and Literature


    Special Offer for readers of Arts & Letters Daily

Dear Arts & Letters Daily Reader,

For nearly three decades, Philosophy and Literature has been the source for criticism and analysis at the busy intersection of philosophy, literature, and the arts. From Plato to postmodernism, Philosophy and Literature explores the frontiers of literary and philosophical studies with lively and provocative articles and reviews.

Every issue presents a diversity of intelligent, pleasurable writing in areas often ignored by other journals: Art and Evolution. Pragmatism. Aesthetic Theory. Ethical Criticism. Literature and Cognitive Science. By repudiating the jargon that make many scholarly journals so indigestible, Philosophy and Literature is the leader in re-humanizing and re-animating its field.

We are pleased to make a special subscription offer to readers of Arts & Letters Daily. By ordering now, Arts & Letters Daily readers will receive a 20% discount. Click on this special link, and you’ll be taken to a subscription page. The prices quoted on this page ($24.80 and $49.60 for one- and two-year individual subscriptions) reflect the Arts & Letters Daily 20% discount.

Over the last few issues we’ve published essays on an enormous array of topics: Moral Thinking in Macbeth; Virgil and History; Biology and Culture in Literature; Ezra Pound’s Confucianism; Dracula and Carmilla; Beethoven and Mozart; Erotic Art and Pornographic Pictures. And that’s barely a start. In 2006 we’ve an array of new work, including, as a small sample:

Aestheticism and Homoeroticism in The Picture of Dorian Gray

Wittgenstein, Tolstoy, and Shakespeare

Hegel and Herder on the History of Art

Pleasure, Pain, and Literature

Oedipus, Character, and Virtue

Romeo and Juliet Before and After Cinema

Sophies Choice: Letting Chance Decide

Borges and Nietzsche

The Moral Life of Middlemarch

And much, much more....

Arts & Letters Daily readers are drawn to honest debate and a diversity of intellectual opinon – the very qualities we try to present in every issue of Philosophy and Literature. We are very excited about the superb work we have lined up for the journal in 2006, and we hope Arts & Letters Daily readers will want to take advantage of this special offer.

With our best wishes,

Denis Dutton and Garry Hagberg

Philosophy and Literature is sponsored by Bard College.


Recent contents of the journal:



“A courageous journal that has maintained its incisiveness, independence, and high standards over the years. Its articles are highly diverse in content and approach, but united by good argument and precise writing.”

                 — Martha Nussbaum

“Consistently serious, humane, thoughtful, and lively. Philosophy and Literature’s name only begins to suggest the range of fields on which it sheds welcome illumination.”
                 — Frederick Crews

“Unique in the current academic scene. Philosophy and Literature insists on clear, even elegant, prose; it manifests a miraculous independence of mind; and it releases an intellectual energy that invigorates readers from issue to issue, year after year.”

                 — Ihab Hassan


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